CCTV Surveillance Systems

Surveillance cameras are the most preferred type of security. High resolution cameras are used to capture footage on recording systems to provide evidence for investigation purposes. With full time or motion based recording, email notifications keeping you informed and analytics such as line crossing, motion detection etc, surveillance cameras are the most comprehensive form of digital security.

Smart Solutions

Surveillance systems are no longer the 'after-the-fact' security solution. With Smart analytics, Surveillance
systems provide not only effective, real time security but increase efficiency. The videos below showcase various
analytics that can aid in securing your home/business

Vehicle Surveillance

Whether its monitoring driver behaviour, passenger safety or providing irrfutable evidence during collisions,
Vehicle Surveillance is now a must have in the public transport sector. Besides surveillance, the solutions
provided by BSS can also assist in tracking via GPS through secure mobile Digital Video Recorders and remote
monitoring when required.

Control Room

BSS has designed some of the country's best Control Rooms in both the private and public sector.
Factors such as ergonomics, the right lighting and operational training are all taken into account when
customizing the right control room for the right application

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing allows you to view your surveillance cameras from anywhere using a computer or a
mobile phone. Almost all necessary controls are available at the touch of the button, giving you
the freedom to monitor your home/business on the go.