Intruder Detection Systems

Intruder Detection systems are designed to deter possible intrusions by using a variety of sensors. Instant audible and visual alerts come in the form of sirens and strobes, and SMS/e-mail notifications are correspondingly sent to designated personnel. Radio systems may be connected to provide alerts to local rapid response companies.



Sensors provide the feed to your alarm system and come in different forms for various requirements. Sensors include:
Motion, Vibration detectors, Door contacts, Flooding sensors, smoke detectors, Gas detectors temperature sensors,
infra red beams and more


Notifications can include visual and audible interfaces such as sirens and strobes. However, SMS messages
, application notifications, email alerts, GPRS alerts, phone calls and radio transmission
systems to security companies are vital in alerting users who may not have manned security at all times


Various deterents may be used to ward off intruders. These may include automatic pepper spray units,
that release pepper spray at targets or smoke cloak systems that blow out dense fog to cover valuable items