Security Scanners

Security Scanners such as walk-through x-rays, baggage x-rays, and hand-held scanners, detect metal/inorganic substances. Under-vehicle surveillance scanners aide in monitoring the complete under-carriage of vehicles for the detection of any suspicious objects. Records of images captured are maintained for future investigations.

X-Ray Machines

X -ray machines are designed to scan different types of material in bags/boxes to look for metal objects such
as guns/knives and for organic material such as banned substances


Standard mirrors may not conform to security standards depending on the premises. UVSS
units are designed to scan underneath vehicles for potential threats whilst maintaining records
in case of future investigations

Metal Detectors

Hand held and walk through scanners are now a common security requirement and
are designed to detect metal. Walk thrugh scanners also provide zoning options to
indicate where metal has been detected on a persons body for faster scanning processes